Keeping It Vertical Forever Elevator


ICA. Boston, MA
Anish Kapoor's S-Curve
  • NIKON D40
  • 20mm
  • 1/30s
  • ƒ/6.3
  • 1600

3 thoughts on “Keeping It Vertical Forever Elevator

  1. yo, honey, i miss you and our long conversations about art. no one has those with me anymore. when are you beginning your fabulous teaching job in asia? i want to see travel documents.

    you imbue all of your pictures with the same mix of intelligence, curiosity, sensitivity and quiet irony. maybe you should’ve been a photo major. JUST KIDDING.

  2. to carol: don’t you have emily for your deep art conversations? or any art major?! you will see my travel documents soon.

    as far as being a photo major… 😀

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