Wondrous Waterfall Swim


Raymondskills Falls
Raymondskill Creek, PA
Morning sun surprise. Last to get up. Bacon eggs and potatoes. Crocs in the water. Swimming in the lake one last time. Standing on the tree stump. One last trip. Fences for the deer. Looking suspect with our towels. Group picture time. Going off the trail. Slippery rocks. Strong currents. Mix of warm and cold. Adam's photoshoot. Ice cream on the way back. 40 flavors. Adam attempts the shotgun trick. Leftovers for lunch. Finishing the puzzle. Splitting up the cars. Early tire blow out. Trying to change tires. Jason comes by to help. Official help comes with a rubber mallet. Running on a donut. 50mph. Otto's Pub & Brewery. Kale salad and a rueben. Planned drop off order. Finally home.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/1600s
  • ƒ/13
  • 1250

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