Walking in between mountains

Pitamakan Pass
Two Medicine
Glacier National Park
Late start. Long drive to Two Medicine. Back and forth. Different landscape. Packed parking spaces. Getting maps. Starting the hike. A herd of goats. More wood. Less people. Less glacial. Getting a walking stick. More walking. Getting blisters. Taking it slow. Getting tired. Didn't make it to Oldman Lake. Walking back. Fake insect on neck. Dipping into the water. Mini-shower. Running into the other campers from Rising Sun. Grand Teton's recommended. Images from the other iceberg lake. Slowly driving back. Finishing the beer. Packing the rest of the gear into the car. Cleaning up. Getting ready for another drive.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/30s
  • ƒ/13
  • 50

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