Venetian Afternoon

Burano, Italy
Koki Tanaka’s trip to a nuclear powerplant. Getting very bored. Racing through. Heading to the cafe. Don’t see Nina at first. Plowing ahead. Lisa Reihana’s wallpaper video. The Italian Pavilion. Backtracking. Running into Sabine. Meeting Flo. Grabbing a cappucino. Nina finally comes with everyone. Hello Moses. Hello Jerry. Catching up. Going through the remaining exhibition. Mohau Modisakeng’s Passage. Candice Breitz’s Love Story. Heading out. Walking north. Seeing the hospital. Catching the boat to Murano. Trying to stay awake. Long ride. Beautiful sunset. Colorful houses. Al Gatto Nero da Ruggero. Another brief argument. Some wine and mussels. Mui and Brett arrive late. Getting the risotto. Cooked artichokes. Another artichoke. Getting bitten by bugs. Heading home. Miss the boat. Waiting for an hour. Taking a nap. Finally getting on. Transfer to the terminal. Taking the last train. Another long wait. Getting into Padova. Walking to the apartment. One more gelato.

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