Three years went by too quickly…


Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
Slightly hungover. Early rise to Pamela's. The cold weather comes out. Slight flurries. Glad I missed the morning ceremony. Veggie omelette. Enrica biscotti. Driving home to get changed. Finding parking on Neville. CMOA closed til noon. Mom tries to maximize parking distance. Ends up wasting time. Running through the gem collection. Mui and Di catch the 28x. Mui forgets her backpack. Barely made it. To Miller reception. Dan and Francisco head out. Chatting and taking photos and congratulations. Martin Prekop. Suzanne. Jesse tickles. Piles of caramelized bacon. Brief nap in CFA. Toast art book. Late for the lineup. Quick run into the bathroom. Here it goes. John sings everyone's name. Jesse does standup. Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Every single word. No alcohol this time. Ba can't stop laughing. I see Moses. Getting our papers. Undergrads do their thing. Alex, Carolina, and Emily. John sings one last song. Pictures outside. It starts to drizzle. Walking far to Jesse's car. Tucker asks where we are. Champagne with cheese/meat dish at Ace. Katie Rose comes by. Ice cream. Coconut the best. Off to Apteka second time. Less crowded this time. Revelry and memories. Scotch again. Convinced a few people to follow. Trying to capture the moment. Becky also went to MICA. Everyone is tired. Getting dropped off by Jesse. Taking some relaxation time. Declining Claire and Shobun's offer. Sleep.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/400s
  • ƒ/14
  • 1250

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