Sons and Father


Woodbriar Dr
Cottondale, AL
Rising early. Editing photos. Calling Walter's. Motor oil. Everyone is awake. Expiration date. Eva's milk story. Walking to the farm. Eva gives a tour. Mean roosters. Holding a chicken. Diet Gatorade. "Do you have a bottle opener?" Bulls vs steers. Tree house. Kids packing. Marietta cleans my car. Nina and kids take off. Heading downtown. Tuscaloosa amphitheater. Wooden railroad. Tarred wood. Burs. The heat. Iron red water. Edelweiss. Apple strudel. Magazines. Journey. Furniture thrift shop. Wood cuts. Beer stop. Jug Factory Rd. Surprise sit-down. Naked pig beer. Ribs and slaw. Wandering around a bit. University of Alabama. Crimson Tide. Place smells like money. No entry to the stadium. Hunger sets back in. Heading to Archibald's. Chopped pork and grilled chicken. Sweet tea. GS on tv. Friendly people. Back home for food. Marietta insists on fried green tomatoes. Thinking about quality of food. Moses and Jesse's chicken. Chatting away outside. Mosquito diversion. Cigars and whiskey. The Man Who Fell To Earth.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/60s
  • ƒ/9
  • 50

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