The sky shines upon Merano

Day 6. Up and ready by 7. A bit early. Waiting around. Exploring the options. Some yogurt and grains. Freshly squeezed OJ. Two fried eggs with green scallions. Needs some salt. Back up to change. Ready at 8. Luca gives directions on bus. Falls asleep. Artificial Lake Reisa. Downhill all the way. Chilly. Hands numb on the breaks. Watering the plants. Beautiful bridge backdrop. Brief bathroom stop. Looking around. Cappuccino and gelato. Moving on. Infinite apple trees. Lasa train station. Marble galore. Max arrives. Picks up everything. Ticket validation. Teenagers everywhere. Finding a seat. Falling asleep. So hot and humid. Walking back. A bratwurst. Gelato at Sabine. Pistachio and elderberry. Ma and Ba arrive. Takes Ma’s bag. Sauna ritual with Alfred. Only two. Longer in the cold pool. Reading news outside to dry. It feels like rain will come. Taking another nap. Downstairs at 6:50. Robert Stube im Felsenkeller. Slow food movement. Spritz with tonic. Group picture. Still don’t understand wine. Fresh bread. Olive oil. Wine accident. Allora. Orriechetta. Veal. Grappa that listens to music. Straberries with flan. No coffee. Bed.

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