Religious Wealth

Church of Santa Maria Assunta
Day 5. Packed and ready to go. Breakfast on time. Try the bacon. Too salty. Trying a few things here and there. Bringing my luggage down. Not taking a chance. Morning meetings. Heading out. Open spaces. Lot’s of downhills and uphills. Brett missing. Riding on ahead. Along the Train. Castle Chiusa di Rio Pusteria. Break. Still no Brett. Strange kodak moment at Caffetteria Restaurant Lanz. Cross the two wooden bridges. On the highway. Heading toward Brixen. Exit highway toward Via Vecchia di Pusteria. Novacella Abbey from above. Left at Bistro Frischluft. Bressanone. Figuring out where to lock the bikes. Brett made it through resourcefulness. Walking along the river. A speck shop. Fresh horseradish. Go behind the church. Bad directions. Go to the lively place. Lunch at Der Traubenmirt. Big German dude with tatted arms. Black rings. Reminds me of Bulut. Very friendly. Pizza. Tuna tatar salad. Octopus salad. Stuffed zucchini. Truffle noodles the best. Cappuccino. Meeting in front of the church. Brett takes a break. Temperature hot. Some history with Gertrud. Lovely accent. 40 types of marble interior. Image of an elephant. Falling asleep. Somehow making through it. On the bus to Merano. Hotel Terme. Everyone needs instructions for wifi. Waiting to take a shower. Exploring the building with Ma and Ba. Basement Garden Pool. Rooftop facilities. Meeting Alfred. 30 min break. Chatting on the phone. Sauna ritual to Adel. Scented ice balls. Waving flags. Quick dip in cold pool. Drying off outside. Trying to get that sunset picture. Getting dressed. Ma and Ba head out first. Waiting around for everyone else. Restaurant Sisi. More creativity. Egg within an egg. Smoked eel foam. White truffles on veal. Lamb tortellini. Lemon dessert. Pasta gift. Walking back. Street performer with wet rimmed glasses. Master of None. Can’t sleep. 36km.

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