22nd Street (West side)
New York City
Slow wakeup. Devan picks up a backpack. More strange dreams from a to b and back again. Getting ready for the heat. Cut white button down and black leather backpack. Looking for six interesting people. Devan returns items in Soho. Yogurt and fruit at Starbucks. Peter the successful painter. Coffee Peace and Love. Stopping by the Great Frog again. Opens up slightly late. Trying to find a ring. Second shop not open. Exotic clothes. Asian woman in green hair #1. Terrance Koh. Solar contraption. Artist pushes down book into honey.Expanding show. Darkness. Dirt. Bees. Off to Cy Gavin. Show closed. Bobba. Loitering on some steps in the shade. Accidental asian hipster #2. Slow walk to the Whitney. Heat beating on the soul. People on benches. Monique #3. Burberry plaid shirt #4. Taking a beer break at Charlie Bird. Bread sticks. Walking backwards to Lauren. Re-meeting Lauren. Learning Monique's name. Back on the streets. Another break at Starbucks. The Whitney. AAM only gets one. Starting at the top. Urs doing Julian. Bronze black McCarthy. Enjoying the view by Renzo Piano. Pigeons getting rotting meat below. Thinking about photography. Inkject processes. Portraits. Elizabeth Peyton but smaller. Favorite Felix installation. Making our way to Chelsea. More Eisemann. Luc Tuyman. CMU kind of kinetic art. Boring Guston. Unsellable Anish Kapoor. Disappointed Felix text at Andrea Rosen. Serra. New York Burger Co. Annoying teenagers on a date. Rodin pose on "Art". Brad's opening. Model beer servers. Tiny paintings. People almost interesting. Back to St. Marks. Normcore woman in blue whipping out cellphone #5. Turkish baths through Groupon. Boris not there. Hot cold hot cold. Looking for bars. Beers. Garlic bread. New red beers. Mac and cheese. So white. Tired and buzzed. Home Alone 2.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/60s
  • ƒ/11
  • 1600

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