Parallel Lines


Saugatuck, MI
Watching movies at night. Location scouting. Volleyball after dinners. Zach lecture. Crit with Zach. Meet with Claire Ashley. Thinking about the shoot. Hanging out with Raul. Jame's lecture. Preparing in the fields. Hauling Jonah's pyramid to the fields. Painting in the fields. Sand Bar with Kori, David, and Zach. Zach went to Cornell. Glad I missed karaoke. Shooting in the fields with Ben. Chinatown Orange. Alex and Brenden Chitty's dance. Auction. Paper sculptures. Mom's make-up. Maxi pads. Everyone leaves. Independence day parade. Crossing the river. Hand-crank boat. Walking to the top of Saugatuck. Fireworks at the Red Dock. Quiet campus. New people. Figuring out video editing at Ox-bow. Trying to do a lot of studio visits. Kalup Linzy performance. Giving up on editing video. Making more sculptures. Making more videos. Lunch time talk. Yoga with Avneet. Reggae at the Red Dock. Sand Bar dancing. DJ Mac. Again no karaoke. Last day floating mirror sculpture shoot. Cleaning up. Chainsaw tutorial. Getting the bark of the tree. Naughty Mardi Gras. Too much to drink. TJ and Thomas help out in the tomato patch. Wake up late. Headache. Off to Chicago. Indian Food. Total Recall with Arnold. Deep sleep.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/80s
  • ƒ/20
  • 1250

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