Long Connecting Hallway


Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
Washington, DC
7am wake up. Packing the bare essentials. The drive to DC. Gossip in the car. Coffee cup not working. Adam falls asleep. Listening to Kendrick. Listening to Michael Moore. Arriving at 3333 Georgia. Hello Peyton. The rain starts to fall. Getting a drink. Walking seemed like a good idea. Drenched. Gave in to Lyft. Middle of nowhere conference. Checking in. A fellow. Drying off. Adam sees Jae. Dropping my chapstick. Informal reception. Starting to get drunk. Meeting Linda. Yoko Ono broken pot story. DeWitt Godfrey. Awkward exchange. Rosalind Krauss' friend. Meeting Arlene Shechet. Jae at the bar. Taking a nap. Adam meets his friend. Convocation. On the stage. Jae takes a pic. Tania Bruguera's job interview keynote. Crawfish and shrimp dinner. Mike joins. Jae likes the bread. Washing hands. Free round of beer. Getting dropped off. Walking to Trent's house. Hello kitty. Slightly itchy skin.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/80s
  • ƒ/10
  • 1000

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