Layers Upon Layers

Trail to Iceberg Lake
Many Glacier
Glacier National Park
Morning eggs. Making sandwiches. The long bumpy drive to Many Glacier. Stops on the way. Checking out the campsite. Getting a small map. Off to Iceberg Lake. Briefly through some parking lot. Past the low forages. Into the clearing. Hiking on the side of the mountain. Ally scares away bears. "I'm walking!" Overbearing sun and chilly winds. No bugs. Break by the stream. Silly boys hanging by the cliff for a selfie. Andiamo! Last bit. Seeing the end. Enclosed glacial lake. Ice cold. Sitting contently as time goes by. Failing to capture the sublime. Some people jump in. Not wanting to leave. Heading back. A few hikers drink the stream water. Rationing our bottles. Time goes faster. Someone lights a joint. Pictures of the green leaves. People copy. Glad to rest my feet. Slow bumpy road back. Impatient truck. Wonderful sneaky shower. Runaway cub. Upset mommy. Campers making noise. Smell of burning wood.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/125s
  • ƒ/18
  • 160

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