Idyllic Hot Springs

Avalanche Ranch
Redstone, Colorado
First episode with Donald Glover. Shin in table. More planning of a road-trip. More tutorials from Coby. Trying to get Atlanta. Trouble sleeping. Scanning the bun. Pizza and feedback with Nancy and Doug. Pretty tame. Last throw. Mentions of Francis Starke. Quick chat with Jesse. Loading into a three-chamber kiln. Adding white stuff to the bottoms. More editing. Gym. Morning Noborigama shift with Jane. Taking over from Katie. Cold. Doug arrives and raises temperature. Breakfast with Jane. Nap. Video editing. Shooting ceramics on ceramic wheel. More editing. Early sleep. Noborigama with Matthew. Warmer this time. Oil change. Hunter S Thompson sheriff-campaign biography. Bad sausages for dinner. 4x lip bitting. More late night working. Another day. Pizza party at Sam Harvey’s house. Different kinds of drinks. First to go in the hot tub. Raising the temperature. Others get in. Boiling like lobsters. Amy forgets her keys. Another night. Sun’s out. Morning routines. Test audio with Amy. Figuring out cars. Coby works away. My turn to drive. Bob’s car leaves first. Jane and David. U2. Lack of service. Arriving first. Meeting Max. Soaking in water. The other group arrives. Half a gummy. Sun block. Bob creates a water mess. Carter and Brad arrives. Packing up. Driving to Doug’s house. Happy Easter. Tour of the studio. Airstream tour. Amy wants coffee. Mugs. Dog begging for food. Winding down. Heading back home. Jane collects some dirt. Headlights. Home.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/320s
  • ƒ/13
  • 250

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