Goodbye Miami

PĂ©rez Art Museum Miami
June 28. Rubell Collection early morning. Meeting Laura Randall. Lauren, Lewis, and Allison. Personal tour around the collection. Free catalogue. Yvette wants coffee. Coyo Taco. Taco bowl. Getting ready for open house. Too many people. June 29. Filming at the Pamm. Last minute text. Sweating balls. Shower at home. No show. Night out. Drag show. Justin's not impressed. Meet up with Laura. Secret dance party at Taco Coyo. Wood Tavern is where it's at. Last bar a no go. Heading home. June 30. Everyone hung over. Meeting Brookhart. Catching up. B&M Market and Roti Shop. Curry goat. Meeting Susan. Yvette passes. Yambo Restaurant. Soho house. Free drinks. Quick filming in the ocean. Bye bye paper cape. Allison and Brookhart stops by. Fancy people. Wet clothes. Drying off. Chef Creole. Kathryn orders everything. Dan tells a story. Night everyone. July 1. Goodbyes.

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