Forever Summer

South Tyrol, Italy
Day 4. Wake up synced. Arriving at breakfast sorta on time. No more bacon. Smaller portions for myself. Scrambled eggs. Body starting to feel tired. Pictures of the breakfast room. Some extra time. Morning meetings. Optional bus pass. Heading into Brunico. Switching to Valle Aurina. Break with Max. Pictures of playground. Thinking about the landscape of day 2. Another dunk in the water. Colder. The elderly catch up. The bridge view of Castello di Tures. Wasserfallbar. German hippie. Blonde and blue eyes. German bbq. Pork, turkey, beef, and sausages. Apple pie. Maciatto. A quick hike to the waterfall. Storm coming. Picture time. Sculpture on the rock. Heading back. Ride back in the van. Nap heavy. Shower. Too early for sauna. Don’t have the energy to go into town. Sauna. Rest. Another nap. Heading to the hotel bar early. Trying some scotch with Brett. Dinner once again. Smaller buffet. Walking around. Other guests. Switching the table. Luca’s romantic tale. Life stories. Back to the Piano Bar. Freddie’s gone. Parents leave. Michael Jackson mix. 27km.

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