Fairyland Loop

Bryce Canyon, Utah
Cold mornings. Forever to heat up food. Visitor center. A few tips from the ranger. Fairyland Loop. Starting out on the rim. Wearing too much. Quick stop at the campsite. Redress. Back on the trail. First sandwich break. Giving out directions. Tower Bridge. Need to pee. Constantly changing landscape. Lots of water breaks. Finishing the loop. Shower time. Driving to the other end of the park. Stop and go. Yovimpa and Rainbow Point. Black Birch Canyon Overlook. Thunder Thighs on the way back. Early dinner. LWL while cooking. More campfires. 10 minutes of Fear and Loathing.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/1000s
  • ƒ/14
  • 400

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