Empty clean rooms

Some LES Gallery
New York
tb 12/2/16 long week. Birthday surprise. Secret shopping. Inviting Ryan. Death of a Salesman. Long prep. Under 26. Staying awake. Friday second celebration. Late pizza. Park Bruges. Moules frites. Ice tea. Tired. Getting second wind. Hidden Harbor. Rum drinks. IBC. Eddy arrives late. An IPA. Heading over to Terry's. Lot's of familiar faces. Suzie. Fred has long hair. Zach want's to be punched. Terry is a wonderful host. Volunteer at Quantum. Parking cars. The Collaborators. Mikhail Bulgakov. Reading night. AAP meeting. AARP? Hawhite peepol. Heinz History Museum. Thin Man Sandwich Shop. Chicken Liver. Helping students. Final crit.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/60s
  • ƒ/13
  • 2500

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