Container Cranes To Carry Globalization

Jack London Square, Oakland
Planning out the day. Driving to the Ferry Terminal. Stressed over parking. Miss Ollie's not quite there. Timing off. Quick drive north. Cosecha. Not enough time. Back to the terminal. Near Regal Cinema. Validated parking. Waiting in line. Getting tickets early. Looking for food. Organic Pistachios. On a boat. Sam Wo. Aggressively mediocre. Lion Dance classes. Tiyad. Catching the ferry back together. Long wait. Back to the hotel. Another long bath. Not enough time for a drink. Finding parking. Dopo. Mui slightly late. Gas water. Sicilian food. Tasty anchovies. Beef cheek raviolis. Cinnamon gelato. Zeppole. Surprise birthday. Get Out. Drop off at my car. Falling asleep staring at a screen.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/800s
  • ƒ/18
  • 640

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