Cityscape to the tune of Brian Eno


Palazzo Pisani, Venezia
Attempts at being empathetic. Caffe Del Doge. Satellite stuff. Foundazione Prada. No discounts this time. Portable Classic. Clayton already there. Navigating problems. Deferring to Jesse. Hunting for Pavilions. Portugal conceptual art. Running into JJ. Brian Eno should have ditched the paintings. Denied access for being tourists. Coffee and bathroom. Binelde Hyrcan with Angola. Punta della Dogana. Picnic lunch break. Contacting Virginia. Danh Vo's curatorial project with the Pinault Collection and himself. Coffee break. More Danh Vo. Getting sleepy. AES + F 8 channel almost seamless video installation. Boat to Giudecca. One stop early. Walking to Zittelle station. Mark Dion. Closing time. The long vaporetto journey to Venezia Tronchetto and Piazzale Roma. Cars break dream. Da Lele in the afternoon. Long lines. Seagull steals a slice of salami. Sitting on the steps of the Church of Tolentino. Prosecco con spritz. Clayton comes by for an advisor meeting. Waiting around the apartment. Walking through Cannaregio. Matching up reviews. Il Paradiso Perduti. Shrimp scampi x 5. Prosecco for the table. Cover band with 10 minute versions. Clayton insists on dancing to the last song. Complimentary grappa. Desserts. Virginia comes along with her friend. Hitchhiking a boat. Awkward cigarette technique. Great white shark animation. Heading home. Gold necklace. Mango cocktail. Stopping at the Rialto. Adam tells a story about Brittany's jean jacket.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/160s
  • ƒ/22
  • 200

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