Candles for V Day


S. Pacific Ave
Pittsburgh, PA
Trying to wake up Tucker. Leaving for Pats. Clear sunny skies. No wind. Perfect shooting conditions. Fallen tree. More shots. Walking up the steep slope. Present for Patty and Vince. Sausage burgers. Pies from another dinner. A few more shots. Hauling the trees up. Bird sculpture out of the way. Defrosting the trees. Fitting trees in my car. Brief stop at school. Brief nap. Nicole at Revision Space. Another brief nap. Off to massage4u. Everyone looks nice. Lace. English Milk Punch. Martinis. Pies. Chicken. Jesse indulges in his violent side. Fred takes polaroids. Out of batteries. Guac-n-curry dip. Fruit and chocolate everywhere. Shucking oysters with Alex. Ice cold taste of the sea. Thesis on my mind.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/320s
  • ƒ/2
  • 3200

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