Calm between the storms


Susquehanna Radiant Hall
Pittsburgh, PA
Weekend breaks. Meeting Gray. Website discussions. Getting familiar again with the web. All the possibilities. Echo and friend comes by. Gray makes some drinks. Finishing up. Driving to Moses'. Brookline feels like Boston. Cobblestones. Eva is on the porch. Walking right in. Too familiar. Hello Nina! Olive oil and bread. Herbs in the oil. Michelada's. Pasta with a little bit of softened butter. Topped with cold tomato and balsamic. Pineapple sprinkled with lime dessert. Last minute deadline. Echo needs to get home. Directing Gray. Last to get out. Quickly running inside. Back home. Early morning. Hello Blaine. Getting the keys. Looking at the space. Home. Late night moves. Trying to find inspiration. Can't get work done. Gathering the next day. More moving in. Stuffy and hot. Hi Kim. Flies everywhere. Deer caught in headlights. White wine. Wellington. Devan comes down with whiskey. Popcorn. No catching tricks. Sunsets. Studio gossip. Potted plant outside. Toyota Corolla. Lights out. Scary movies. Ring girl. River likes to run in circles. Devan is hangry. Just the three of us. Time for me to go home.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/1600s
  • ƒ/2
  • 320

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