Bridge Cover


Shohola Falls, PA
Late to wake. Snow hiking at the falls. Blocked ice-covered path. Steady walking. Avoid the edge. Adam on his belly. Jesse the singing bard. Dan rips his pants. Snow in my boots. Water everywhere. Clarification on skipping rocks. Snowballs. Separated rock. Dead frozen deer. Up and down. Quicker on the way back. Alice's Wonderland. Where Tucker gets all his clothes. Nothing fits my size. Dan needs new pants. Adam gets a Pendleton. Italian sandwiches. Fried prosciutto balls. Torn photography gallery. Nothing in town. Corona with fried eggplant. Heavy nap. Missing out on the fog. Editing photos. Adam West's Batman. Fat Joker. Wonder Woman. Finding Nemo. Salads and shepherd's pie. Dan's pick up line. What not to say in town. Rohman's Inn and Pub. Old pull-out chairs. Pre-civil war history. Irish car bomb. Self-setting bowling alley. Playing all the songs on the jukebox. Two pitchers of Yuengling. Engine heater. Practicing in all the lanes. Dan always wins. Jello shots. Irish coffee. Camo. beards, and Carhartts. Time to leave. Morning furniture move around. Throat hurts. Breakfast at a watermill. Orange juice and eggs benedict croissant. Good byes to the Allende's. Six hour trip back. Formstones. Jon Waters. Straight shot. Sunny in Pittsburgh. Happy to be home.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/50s
  • ƒ/6.3
  • 400

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