Banana Man

Going Bananas
Homestead, FL
June 10. Exploring Miami Beach. El Chalán on the Beach with Justin. Lyft back. June 12. Meet Nathanial at OTL. June 13. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Sweating profusely. Hurt foot. Walking back. Need a Lyft. Coffee. Mail out key at UPS. Hi Justin. Quick bite at Masa Taqueria. Waiting for Justin's friends. Second dinner at El Taquito. Tacos. Walking around coconut grove. June 15. Crit with Ombretta + Tami + Kathryn. Chef Creole with Galt, Justin, and Kori. Fried Shrimp with Watermelon Drink. June 16. Azucar Ice Cream Company. Pupusa hopping. Atlakat Restaurant. June 19. Crit with Rofraida and Bernard. June 20. Bai Kori :( Meet Emilke. Political rants. Staying polite. Going Bananas. Hi Don and Katie. Banana tour. Taqueria Morelia for lunch. Justin approves of the Mexican food. Everglades. Stupid hot. Mosquitoes everywhere in the car. Robert Is Here Fruit Stand & Farm. Honey trial. Key lime pie fruit juice. Later. Waiting for Yvette.

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