Anne Imhof’s Faust

German Pavilion
Morning at 7. Leftover pizza in the oven. Cantolope and apricots. Rushing to the train. Barely making it. Showing Hoiwan and Brett the lay of the land. Quick breakfast and coffee. A Marco Polo. All foam. Departing at San Marco. Walking to the Giardini. Skipping the line. Doing all the pavilions. Waiting in line. Not sure what to expect. Watching Faust. Feeling conflicted. Everything else seems bland after. Day dreaming. Rachel Rose yawn. Falling asleep. Water break. Taus Makhacheva’s Tightrope. Going through the catalogs. Prosciutto mozzarella panini. Deciding what to do. Heading back early. Seeing Brett's message. Trying to find a café with Wifi by Ferrovia. A timed nap. Walking freely. Walking in without buzzing. Another nap. Shower. Taxi to the town over. Another argument. Le Calandre. Cuttlefish cappuccino. Tuna gelato. Pigeon. Different wine glasses. Friendly waiters. Tomato gifts. Waiting for the taxi. Back home. Doing some work. Can't sleep.

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