Always trying to capture the sun


Gold Way
Pittsburgh, PA
Last gathering at Jesse's. Sort of early night. Early morning packing. Devan picks me up. I notice the sun as I walk down. Smelling like alcohol. Devan's playlist. Lemonade. Drive seems short. Dropping off the paintings. No cross-bracings. Parked in a no parking zone. Quick and easy. Meeting Sarah. Endless hallways. Faux-Bland studios. Shipment to Brussels. DHL. Yale painting crew. Heading to the New Museum. Feeling hungry. Deciding to wait. Emilie and John! AAM for free entry. Bad performance art on the first floor. Andra UrsuĊ£a. Marble orifices and cast penises. Marble sculptures. Rock climbing. Nicole Eisenman. Schizophrenic styles. Buy sell destroy game. Emilie and John have to go. John's a Bonnaroo veteran. Goshka Macuga. Tapestries. Hand or machine fabricated. Probably machine. Devan and the pigeons. Lombardi's overrated. $28 pitcher of Yuengling. No thank you. A Charlie White photo. Marshall Stack. Overly bro and enthusiastic bar tender. Samurai vs unicorn. Saison. Happy hour. Small glasses. Copper and Oak. Free whiskey tasting. Stranahan's. Someone who loves his job. Taking off the blazer. Wandering uptown. American Copper Buildings. Later Devan. Meeting Joon. Random Yayoi Kusama sculpture and paintings. No one seems to care. Totto Ramen. Too much food. Sake. Cash only. Venmo. Not enough time. Blue Note. Jin. IPAs. Bathroom. Jazz. Feeling fine. Taxi home. Talking. Lines. Beautiful view. Figuring out life.
  • DSC-RX1R
  • 35mm
  • 1/400s
  • ƒ/2
  • 80

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