A New York Kind Of Sunset

2016-05-19-ny sunset-01

35th and 11 ave
New York
Multiple alarms. Heading to Leslie Heller. One hour earlier. Bed bugs. Doughnut Plant. Fancy donuts. Coconut cream. Coffee. Smartest in class. Glad some people get to have sex. Crowd arrives. To the gallery. Mostly hung. Looking good. Space to breathe. Off to Brooklyn. Aimless walking. Studio intrusion. Getting on the wrong subway twice. Freedom towers. Going backwards. In the sun. Walking to the U-Haul. Looking for food. Construction everywhere. Dropping things off. Sandwiches at The Bodega. Calendar of babes of Bushwick. White men. Yellow wire coverings. Car heat. Off home. Traffic up the wazoo. Holland tunnel. Drivers are committed to getting their way. Magritte clouds. Taking longer than I thought. Coffee break helps. Expensive cream cheese. Casual comments. Last break. Pit stop looks all the same. Pittsburgh finally. Dropping off the van. Smelling fried fish. Walking to Devan's car. By Gray's house. Squirrel Cage for food. Getting what I want. Credit card names. Late night text from Shobun. Slow relaxation.

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