The Sequestered Forklift

Cold hands. Slimy pancake. Hearty tofu soup. Failed True Grit. L'Illusionniste. Misread. Silence.

Yangpyeong, Seoul
February 11, 2011

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  • CameraNIKON D40
  • Focal length20mm
  • Shutter speed1/40s
  • Apertureƒ/2.8
  • ISO400


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Photoblog Awards
  1. Harry Snowden @

    I love the rhythm of color in this image

  2. Chris Peak @

    This is a really nice series of loading dock shots you have going here. I particularly like this one and the one of the yellow crates all stacked up. I love how all the lines converge on the forklift in this one.

  3. Olivier Rault @

    Great BW portrait, great work !
    My vote for you on Coolphotoblog. Bravo from France.

  4. PIXistenz @

    Oh, this is very good. I wouldn’t have ‘seen’ the photo here. Nice one.

  5. Ken @

    A peek into a world of interesting.

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