2016-07-04-lacawac island-01

Scientific Station

Day 3. Getting a little more rest. Shower to wake up. Oatmeal, blueberries, and banana routine. Cloudy wet morning. Walking the whole Big Lake Trail. Mosquitoes everywhere. Covered in clothes. Sweating. Filming. Lake Wallenpaupack. Back to the Ice House. Shower. More grilled cheese. Laundry. Waiting around. Hello Austin. Some reading. John Barth. Nap. Charging camera. Ledges Trail (Orange). Should have brought camera. Ledges overlook. Beautiful light. Maurice Brown Trail (Green). Scared deer. Partner Ridge Trail (White). Back at the visitors center. Another shower. Judy's vegetarian shepherd's pie. Raspberry and apple pie. White wine. Chats in the house. Spike Lee. Some filming on the water. Late night reading. Room all empty.

Lacawac Sanctuary
July 5, 2016

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  • CameraDSC-RX1R
  • Focal length35mm
  • Shutter speed1/400s
  • Apertureƒ/18
  • ISO400


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