Go away rain

Day 12. Getting harder to wake up. Quick breakfast and coffee. Last spray. Watching the weather. More coffee. Some reading. Getting easier. What is documentation. A few photographs. Watching the clouds go away. Trying to nap. Heading to the trails for some filming. Getting used to the setup. Walking without seeing. Wishing I had assistants. Afternoon light is wonderful. Getting the timing right. The red rubs off. Back just in time for dinner. Vegetarian and bacon quiche. Salmon salad. Corn salad. Eating too much. Two beers. PBR. Jenny from Hanover. Questions about science. How to get a stripper name. Fiver Webster Terrace. Detox tea. Getting bitten. Quick sanding and spraying. Trouble falling asleep.

Lacawac Sanctuary
July 14, 2016

Info & Comments


  • CameraDSC-RX1R
  • Focal length35mm
  • Shutter speed1/320s
  • Apertureƒ/16
  • ISO640


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