2016-08-21-botanical garden-01

Flowers for the bees

Not being woken up by Waffles. Reasonable wake up time. John's first buyer. Short tour. Waffle's leg. Em and John's Sunday brunch ritual. Sunday Times ritual. Royal River Grillhouse. Digital articles come out first. Bloody Mary. Pulled pork egg-benedict. Side of salad. John forgets his coffee mug. Dropping John off. Checking up on the petunias. Slightly dead. Off to the botanical garden. Wonderful walks. Wonderful colors. Wonderful smells. Heading back. A shower before I go. Packing up. Hugs goodbyes. Short stop in Freeport. Home. Congee. Laundry. Sleep.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Boothbay, Maine
August 21, 2016

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  • CameraDSC-RX1R
  • Focal length35mm
  • Shutter speed1/500s
  • Apertureƒ/9
  • ISO100


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