Bowling for the Ages

Morning dip with Dan. Hello to the Anne + Francisco. Under the bridge to the large lake with Ada and Dan. Sitting on a rock. Kayaking + Canoeing + Sailing before the potential thunderstorm. Eaten by the black flies. Switching around. Back to the cabin with Emile. Pulled pork and soup for lunch. Rain comes. Butterfly jigsaw puzzle. Swimming in the rain. Posing for pictures. Lost camera. Activity points. Endless black bottom. Sightline. Pisco Sours. Neighborly visits. Larry David look-a-like. Lays flavor competition. Truffle fries wins. Steak and salad. Francisco is generous with the whiskey. Brief art show and tell. Jail stories. Rain stops. Rohman's. Back seat dizziness. Brittany is a hustler. Joy wins. Ghostly jukebox. Zodiac readings by Adam. Last hard-boiled egg. Chips. Night time dip. Brittany gets sick.

Rohman's Inn and Pub
Shohola, PA
September 12, 2015

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