Blob Blob Blob

Yogart and fruit. Museum day. MoMA. Sigmar Polke and Christopher Williams. Jewish Museum. Other Primary Structures. Lecture from Jae. Bad Mel Bochner paintings. Whitney Museum. Long lines. Free for SVA and guests. Spectacular spectacle. Subway closed on 59th. On to Brooklyn. Self-awareness. Victor Liu. Polygon on water within a polygon on water. On to Nassau Ave. Free dinner. Sunday art sermon. Back to air conditioned space. Art chat. Possibilities and conections. Thinking about the future. Later New York.

Whitney Museum, NYC
July 27, 2014

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  • CameraDSC-RX1R
  • Focal length35mm
  • Shutter speed1/60s
  • Apertureƒ/2
  • ISO250


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