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Who / What / Where / Why?

intelligentcloud dot org is a compilation of photographic images by zhiwan cheung
these photographs are taken with a Sony RX1R + Sony RX1 + nikon d40 + cannon powershot s95. sometimes i feel lazy and just use my iphone.

i studied art which came with the ability to look at art
as an artist, i have an unhealthy obsession with found objects, materiality, and occasionally relational aesthetics/SEA
the snobbish painter in me comes out sometimes

i like (in no particular order):
flcl / félix gonzález–torres / annie hall / cowboy bebop / calvin and hobbes / dwarf rabbits

for any question, you can contact me by mail at zhiwan.cheung [at] gmail [dot] com

Technical details about this site

Originally running on Pixelpost, the site has been switched over to WordPress. Everything is running on an nginx server and uses Mark Jaquith’s WP-Skeleton/WP-Stack as a framework for capistrano deployment.

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